UK Personalised Product Franchise
Do you have a website, outlet or a shop that could benefit from selling The Day You Were Born and or Our Wedding Day charts, we have a supplier system where we will produce the charts and post them out either to you or your customer. Each chart sent out will be charged at a fixed fee which will allow you to make a profit of at least £5.00, the charge includes Post and Packaging. If you are lucky enough to have an outlet in one of our franchisee’s exclusive area they can deliver, then the post and packaging cost can be removed from the fixed fee. Credit: If we feel that you have the potential for good sales we will invoice you at the end of each month, we may however expect a deposit to be paid to cover the first few orders. If a franchiee can deliver to you then it will probably be cash on delivery or an arrangement with them. The supplier system is not limited to selling sites, outlets or shops that sell directly to the public, you can get involved if you have business, club, or wish to use the charts as a retirement gift, Wedding Anniversary gift, or a gift for a new born baby. A gift for joining for example. Anywhere where you are likely to have regular orders. This is an alternative to becoming a franchisee (See Home) but if you feel that you have the potetial it may be more beneficial to become a franchiee. Our franchisee’s are waiting for your orders. Please email and Mention ‘Suppier System’, for more information
Supplier System